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Let us introduce ourselves ...

We are Jon and Suzi and were both born in the South of the UK.  We married and lived in Belgium for many years, all five children went to school in Belgium.  Jon is duel nationality English/Belgian, is fluent in French and speaks confidentially in Dutch. Suzi attempts to speak French but is fluent in smiles! 

Les Granges de La Leigne is where we live as well as our business and we adore it! We walk the river banks to discover Otters, Coypu, Kingfishers and Hoopoes. Each spring we eagerly await the return of dozens of Swallow that nest in our barns, in the summer evenings it is fabulous to watch them circle the courtyard. Our barns also have two resident Owls that nest each year and if you are very quiet at night you may get to see them darting in and out of the barns to feed the chicks.

We love to cycle amongst the sunflowers and woodlands seeking wild garlic and wild orchids. We visit markets and restaurants for delicious local delicacies and enjoy drinking local fine wines. We find it rewarding to learn about the fascinating history of the area and making friends with the wonderful locals.

This is our home and we would be delighted to share it with you.

Suzi et Jon

What is our vision?


Our vision is to make every guest feel welcome. To ensure all our guests have a wonderful experience, with the opportunity to relax, unwind and refresh regardless of whether they are here on holiday, stopping off for the night during a long drive, visiting local friends & relatives or on a business trip.

No matter how long you stay or who you are all our guests are VIP's to us!  

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